How Is A Web Developer Different From A Web Designer?

Here’s An Explanation

By Green Genie SEO

That is the question that most people ask themselves when faced with a conundrum on building a website. Do you hire a web developer? Or do you hire a web designer?



The work of our web designer differs from that of a web developer. If you are a web designer, you are more concerned with how the website looks. You try to design the website in a way that will make it user friendly And easy to navigate. On the other hand, if you are the web developer, you are concerned with the foundations of the website, that is, the back and programming.

Web developers are not necessarily web designers as a matter of fact, Some of the best web developers we know are very bad at web design. They always have a professional web designer in their team.

So, when it comes to building your website, if you have the budget for it, you should hire a website building team composed of a content writer, web designer and a web developer in the lead. This is especially true if you are building something that has complicated features on it. For example, if you are trying to make a more interactive website, you absolutely must have that kind of team on board. If you know anything about websites, you already know that the speed and functionality are entirely dependent on the back-end programming. Any errors or weaknesses in the programming code can compromise your website and make it more vulnerable to attacks.

Of course, hiring a complete web development team is not cheap. And you could be paying thousands of dollars per month until your website is completed. However, if you are open to outsourcing, you can get work done for only a few hundred dollars until the completion of your website. Sometimes, though, there are web services that offer flat fees for a complete website.

Where can you find people for work? You will easily find them on freelance websites like Get A Freelancer. It is entirely up to you if you want to hire someone local or if you want to hire for someone from overseas and outsource the work there.
No matter what you do though, make sure that you do research on different web development companies before hiring. One of the major concerns when outsourcing work is the turnaround time and the quality of the work. Check the profiles of the different professionals on the freelancer websites. Read the customer reviews and check the star ratings.

Although you can’t expect for all the feedback to be positive any worker worth his salt would have majority of the feedback written in his favor.

But don’t be content with checking customer feedback. Make sure to review sample works. Check the back-end programming. Check the source code and see if it has clean coding. If you need help, have a programmer friend look at it for you.

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Important Elements that Need to be Present in Your Web Design

Many businesses these days are seeing the weight of having a website. More and more people are going to the web when it comes to your products, and your services. To make sure that you get the most out of the presence of such a site, having a really excellent Web Design is going to be much necessary.

What you should aim for is a design that is considered as responsive. This is characterized by a design that is user-friendly and at the same time, ensures that it will be able to provide the user with the best experience. User responsiveness is something that is aimed at not only showcasing your brand and your name in the best positive light as possible but also to make sure that people will be convinced that what you need to offer is something that they will need.

It is a design that should consider all of the necessary elements that a platform requires in order for it to be an effective tool as well as ensure that issues that user may possibly deal with are properly addressed as well. It has something to do with the proper use of technology in ensuring that the experience of every single individual that experiences your site is going to be nothing short of positive.

Always start by getting a good understanding of the foundation of the site, you will need to find out which specific anchor you will be founding the site on. This means a good understanding of coding that will be used to run in the background along with the restructure that should be used to make it a responsive page for your visitors and users.

Choose a theme and focus on it. You will need a heart of the website and the theme is going to be that it is that element that is going to help keep everything together, it is that one element that draws everything into one so you will have an item that has a cohesiveness to it. Do consider your branding when it comes to considering the theme so you are sure that it is not going to be lost along the way. Your branding is your identity so, you need to be really careful not to lose that.

Make sure that you are going to have high-quality content as well. It is not just all about the design of the site. While it does help make it possible for you to get people to be interested, you will find that when it comes to making readers stay and continue to click through your pages, content is the key. Always, so, make sure that you do spend a time to make sure that what you post is always going to be high-quality internet marketing content and nothing less.

Simple Computer Troubleshooting Steps Everyone Needs to Know

More and more people these days rely on computers when doing a lot of things, especially digital marketing services. So, it is always a real downer when one finds that his unit is not working. While there are a lot of people that are very much familiar with navigating their way through very common computer issues, there are also those that may not be as adept when it comes to Computer Troubleshooting. But calling the experts every time is not really the best solution.

Calling the experts whenever you have a computer issue is only going to cost you a lot of money in the long run what you want to do is learn some basic troubleshooting skills. You will thank yourself if you will make the time to learn what these are so you can trust that whenever there are problems, you follow these troubleshooting steps first to try and work out the problem on your own. You will be surprised how, most of the time, they are good enough to fix the issue.

Try restarting the computer

Before you will decide to do anything after you have noticed an error on your device, it is advised that you will first get the unit restarted. Just like how you would need to tune your phone off and then back on again, there are many instances when what your computer needs to get running smoothly again is some good old restart. If the problem has something to do with a peripheral, you always can go ahead and with it off and the back n again. Most of the time, this method will work wonders.

Update to the latest

See if there are computer updates that you have neglected to carry out as well. There are many computer issues that often stem from people not really taking the time to get their software updated. It is important not to neglect updates since doing so is only likely to cause you to miss out on some performance and bug fixes. If you have not done this for a long time, make sure that you get up to date on those updates.

Computer that is too slow

This is a very common problem that a lot of computer users tend to experience. You need to start by verifying if it is actually the unit that is causing the issue. If the problem has something to do with a video taking forever to buffer, most of the time, it is the internet to connect and not the computer that is usually at fault. The same is true for downloads as well.

In many cases, when the PC seems to be way too slow, too may have something to do with the amount of space in the hard drive take a quick look at the state of things as far as the hard drive goes. If you are seeing the disk that is almost full, then it may be time for you to free up some space on the disk where the operating system is running. Always remember that when the hard drive is maxed out, the performance of the unit suffers. So, if you ever encounter this problem, instead of calling a technician to help you out, try doing this troubleshooting stuff first to see if it actually fixes the issue. Most of the time, it does.

The Crucial Role of Computers in Modern Times

Computers have come such a long way since their inception. These days, it is quite impossible to imagine the world without computers. They are accurate. They are fast. They can accomplish many tasks at a much faster rate. Many of the tasks that used to be done manually before can now be accomplished fast and with beer efficiency with the use of such a tool. Getting a good understanding of the important roles that computers take on these days is very important to get a better appreciation of it.

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One of the most crucial roles that computers play these days is with communication. It has become easier for people to get connected with each other using the internet. The task to the advent of the internet, it becomes a lot easier for people to get connected to each other wherever they are in the world. From emails to messengers, the world has become a much smaller place thank to the role that computers play in communication.


Banks and those that are involved in the financial industry are relying immensely on the use of computers to make it easier for them to carry out the many automated financial transactions that they perform with their clients and customers, it makes it easier for them to successfully manage the hordes of data in their system in such an orderly and organized manner thanks to the use of the computer.

One can only imagine how confusing and overwhelming the banking industry would be without the use of powerful and high technology computers to manage things. It also makes things much easier for online marketing companies to keep everything running smoothly.


The computer has made life easier for both medical practitioner and patients as well. It is easier to create a database of the information and details of patients to make sure at doctors will have easy access to them especial where reviewing the health history of their patients. The treatments that a patient has undergone, medications he has taken in the past, and anything and everything pertaining to this treatment becomes easier to get these days thanks to computers installed in the system to get the job done.

The same technology is also being used in ensuring that there is proper monitoring of the conditions of patients especially when they happen to suffer from, delicate conditions. In fact, they have made life easier for medical practitioners thanks to the fact that they how to allow these professionals to do their job in a much more affianced and more accurate fashion.

Government offices

This sector has also benefited a lot from the use of computers. Where offices used to require quite a number of people to handle many of the responsibilities involved with bureaucracy, this is no longer necessary now. Computers are able to carry out the task of several people at once. So, this has been seen as a very convenient and cost-effective solution in the government service. It becomes easier collate data especially pertaining to carrying out the various services that their respective offices are mandated to.

With such a variety of roles that computers play these days, it is only to be expected that it will take on even broader roles moving forward, especially with advertising and online marketing.

Why Businesses Need Internet Marketing

You have just started a small business. Now you understand how crucial getting it advertised is. But since the advent of the internet, the advertising landscape has changed. You would not want to miss out on being able to use the medium to its full potential too. This is where the importance of Internet Marketing is going to play a very crucial role for all students of AWOL Academy.

Online branding

The top reason why you need to use the web to market your business and your products and services is to make sure that you get to create that awareness of whatever it is that you can offer. You cannot expect people to start patronizing your services and your product when they are not even aware of its existence in the first place. This is the reasons why you do need to work hard to get that name recall using the web.

Consumer preference

It is a fact that purchases done online have drastically increased over the last few years. This is mainly because a lot of people have found the concept convenient and easy especially if they are to take into account the hectic lifestyles and schedules that they follow. It is only but right that you will capitalize on such a need for ease and convenience by getting your share of the online market.

Meet ever-changing demands

While it is true that traditional mediums where people used to advertise before such as television, radio, and print are still very much alive, it is also a fact that there is the internet that is taking over things with such an intensity. It is only right that small businesses keep up with the times and maximize such a medium to further get more and more people to be aware of them and their existence.

Cost efficient

Many will find that advertising on the internet is actually one of the most cost-efficient ways of promoting your business and your products and services. The costs involved in getting yourself or your business promoted on the web tends it be less when compared to how much you will need to pay if you do it the traditional way. Then, there is the fact that the reach of the web advertisement tends to be broader which makes it less costly but more effective.

Increase traffic

When you have a website where you promote your stuff and even sell your stuff at, you would want as many people to come and visit it and see what you can offer. You cannot really expect them to do that when they are not aware that you have a site, to begin with, this is why AWOL Academy teaches you how to promote it, you need to market it and what better way to do so than to use the very same medium too.

Increase your sales

You will want to use internet marketing as a way for you to get people to know that you are offering something that they may be interested in. This is an effective way of ensuring that you will get to have more interested visitors come to your site, check out what you have to offer, and the purchase anything that they may be interested in.

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